So this is my action-platformer project. From the start I've planned on this being a series of games with some shared characters between them, each game being fairly compact for a good amount of polish and so I don't repeat myself too much.

The main things are:
-arcade-like permadeath
-randomized levels and weapons (as in you just use whichever weapon the game has decided to give you)
-lots of personality: fully-voiced characters, optional dialogue parts, tons of weird shit, very gay
-"gamefeel" turned up to 11: screen stutters when you hit things, splooshy effects are the opposite of subtle

The games punish HARD for mistakes, but once you learn the game-specific things to do or not to do then it becomes something that pretty much any game-literate person is able to pull off right up until the end of the game.

As I mentioned I'm planning multiple of these games, this is because I want to make the best possible thing that's the most "right" for me, and the idea of having to essentially throw out what I make upon release seems very anti-helpful. Also: some of my favourite videogame memories are of every few years going back and replaying some of the NES and SNES megaman games in whatever order I feel like, and I'd love to provide a similar experience with these games years after they're released.


Here's what the 1st game (Tender Spells: Spice Slice) is about:

OREGANO (the player character):

Perpetually nervous and scared unless he's around his boyfriend ...who was kidnapped when Christ used the body to combine into a more powerful lifeform: Antipode Christ. The game revolves around Oregano's adventure to rescue his boyfriend back.

PUPPLES (1st level boss):

Mysterious cult leader. He likes saying "hee, hee!"

...and a bunch more characters to be shown later in the finished game!


(the screenshots contain some PLACEHOLDER art + things only there for testing, not very professional I know, but fuck it)


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