It's a JRPG-esque project where I'm making just whatever weird, stupid ideas I feel like. I prefer not to filter myself but it's also important that the game be something with a lot of contrast: sweet tender moments, horribly fucked up horror moments, gay sexual moments, then you're in an alternate plane fighting bleeding angels or something; whatever!

I'm making it very sprawling with a crazy amount of stuff in it, which may mean things aren't perfectly polished or balanced, but I think it'll result in something special. I am testing out ideas that mean that it won't need to be meticulously balanced and refined over and over, so I guess we'll see how well it works out!

Unlike most RPGs there will be no leveling, no stores, no healing spells. The fights will feature little real-time minigames that will sometime happen overtop each other so you're forced to multitask. The non-fight sections are at a platformer-like side-view. There will be "dungeons" that are kind of similar to OoT or MM dungeons, because I love those. But with all of that, I'm considering it a JRPG because at its root it's most about alternating between either story bits or kicking ass (or getting your ass kicked) in completely-unrealistic and very-videogamey fight sequences.

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