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Your gay & insectoidlike boyfriend has been kidnapped by Jimmy Christ, and their bodies have melded to become the evil force that is The Antipode Christ! With your young-adult heart filled of queer puppy love, you must rescue your boyfriend. But it won't be easy: old friends corrupted by evil now stand in your way.

Collect old memories of your friends-turned-foes, and witness them at your leisure.


-Focused on replayability :
roguelikeish randomization for many elements: level layouts, enemy encounters, powerups, weapons, level order, etc

-RPG-inspired luck and probability mixed with fluid, responsive action-platoformer controls.

-Hardcore punishments for the masochist in you, one bad hit from an enemy can lead to a 100% HP combo.

-Explosions and magical videogamey bullets and giant powerful visual effects that go all totally like *sploosh* and stuff, whoa!!!!


OREGANO (the player character):

Perpetually nervous and scared unless he's around his boyfriend. Will Oregano have the courage and guts to rescue his boyfriend?


Mysterious cult leader.

...and a bunch more characters to be shown later in the finished game!


(these are WORK IN PROGRESS screenshots)


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